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August 14, 2012 – The National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA), governing body of the emerging NCAA sport Equestrian, is fresh off their annual summer meeting which was held in Atlanta, Georgia. NCEA continues to work towards their mission; ‘to provide a great experience and atmosphere for college Equestrian student-athletes, as well as to advance the sport of Equestrian to official NCAA Championship status.’

The meetings began by voting on the Board of Directors for NCEA who will serve for the upcoming term.

For 2012-13, the Board of Directors consists of the following incumbents:

  • President, Casie Lisabeth, KSU
  • Vice President, Meghan Boenig, UGA
  • Secretary, Haley Schoolfield, SMU
  • Assistant Secretary, Lindsey Lawrence, TAMU
  • Treasurer, Stephanie Reeves, CSUF
  • Assistant Treasurer, Nancy Post, BU
  • Assistant Treasurer, Ruth Sorrel, USC

NCEA meets bi-annually in different locations across the country to discuss upcoming events, review the rulebook, discuss budget and devise new ideas to continue the growth of collegiate Equestrian. In addition to the Board of Directors the NCEA has several committees who will help plan, develop, and organize different areas of the NCEA format of competition.

The summer meetings serve as the primary time to make changes to the NCEA rulebook for the 2012-13 seasons. NCEA’s goal is to reach NCAA championship status when 40 schools sponsor the sport of Equestrian. Here are a few rules NCEA for the 2012-13 Season:

  • Western Uniform Approval Form
  • Interim Director of Promotions
  • Passed Bi-Laws for NCEA Board of Directors
  • Voted in NCEA Board of Directors Members
  • NCEA renamed Honors Awards to be NCEA
  • NCEA has created Second Team Honors Award
  • NCEA has passed for Teams to Qualify in both Hunter Seat and Western for 2014 National Championship
  • NCEA has passed to have single Elimination for team competition at 2013 National Championship
  • NCEA passed a list of permissible maneuvers within regular season flat tests
  • NCEA Coaches voted Stacy Sanderson from Baylor 2012 NCEA Coach of the Year
  • NCEA passed a flat test bank for use in regular season competition in 2012-13 Season
  • NCEA passed 3-point penalty for lead changes in Horsemanship
  • NCEA passed 1/3 of jumping efforts must be Oxers in Equitation over Fences event
  • NCEA passed NCEA Top 10 Horses Award in each event
  • NCEA wants to have live scoring for 2013 National Championship
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Our Mission: To advance the sport of Equestrian from Emerging to Championship status with the NCAA by promoting the benefits of Equestrian to universities, riders, prospective student-athletes, parents, horse industry professionals and sponsors while developing the rules and competition format.

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